5 Men's Athletic Shoes Under $100 from Gravity Defyer
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5 Men's Athletic Shoes Under $100 from Gravity Defyer


Athletic shoes are among the unique shoes made for athletes or runners. These shoes are made to provide more flexibility, comfort, air flow and other special features to the runner. Choosing the wrong shoes for your running activities could end up being not comfortable and with poor performance. Before that, consider the following tips in choosing the best athletic shoes.

Tip #1: Athletic or running shoes must be flexible. The flexibility of the shoes is the most important feature that you have to consider in choosing your athletic shoes. The flexibility feature will increase the movement of the feet while running.

Tip #2: Choose the shoes which perfectly fit to your feet. Remember that although we have the same number of toes and heels but not the shape of feet. Athletic shoes must be perfectly fitted on the size and shape for better performance.

Tip #3: Choose the athletic shoes made by a reputable shoe company. Top manufacturers of shoes tend to have the capability to create specialized shoes that meet the needs of runners or joggers. Choose the best shoes with the best brand.

If you don't have enough time to purchase your athletic shoes from the department stores, why not consider buying these online. In fact, you can purchase the best shoes for your running events or activities at Gravity Defyer. Gravity Defyer is a popular online shopping website for branded footwear products for men and women like Athletic shoes, Dress shoes, Casual shoes, Boots, Sandals and Orthotic Inserts. This is a store that offers products with "Advanced Footwear Technology". You don't actually need to worry about picking up your order because Gravity Defyer will deliver it to your address. The information below are the men's athletic shoes under $100 available at Gravity Defyer.


Men's Orbit Shoes

Price: $99.95

The Men's Orbit Shoes available at Gravity Defyer have sleek and bold designs. The design of these shoes is specially made for running and walking activities. It features VersoShock Reverse Trampoline Technology which provides extra 12% to 15% energy to the user. Men's Orbit Shoes are available in red/black, yellow/black and gray/white colors.

Men's Velocity Shoes

Price: $99.95

Another sleek and fashionable product at Gravity Defyer. These shoes don’t have laces which provide additional comfort.  The shoes maintain its stability because of its stretchable and elastic sole. Like the Men's Orbit Shoes, it also feature its VersoShock Reverse Trampoline Technology which can absorb harmful shocks while running and gives the user an additional 10% to 15% energy.

Men's FLEXNET Shoes

Price: $99.95

Gravity Defyer also offers these durable Men's FLEXNET Shoes. These shoes are made of special polyurethane material which is a high tech polymer that provides maximum durability while maintaining its comfort. VersoShock Reverse Trampoline Technology gives the use 18% to 20% extra energy return while running. These are available in black/white, orange/black and red/black colors.

Men's XLR8II Shoes

Price: $99.95

These shoes feature its durable technology from Gravity Defyer. The material is made of black synthetic leather. The shoes are designed perfectly for running, walking and even hiking activities. The MXT-S1 sole provides maximum comfort because of its unparalleled cushioning. These are available in gray, black, white and white/red colors.

Men's Ballistic Shoes

Price: $99.95

These shoes are actually the best-selling shoes of Gravity Defyer Ballistic. Its VersoShock Reverse Trampoline Technology provides extra energy for up to 18%. The fabric is made of special and breathable synthetic material which provides more ventilation. The shoes are available in black, gray, yellow/gray and gray/white colors.

Those are the 5 men's Athletic shoes under $100 which are available at Gravity Defyer. Don't let yourself purchase the wrong shoes if you can purchase cheap and high-tech athletic shoes for your running or walking activities.

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